Techmer ES Industry Focus

Techmer ES experts create custom solutions for industries ranging from automotive to oil and gas.

Solutions for Your Industry

Techmer ES works with processors and OEMs from a variety of industries−from material handling and automotive to medical and consumer electronics. Our products, which can be categorized as reinforced, lubricated, electrically active, and/or flame retardant, are engineered to meet a broad range of industry specifications utilizing most engineering resins.

We specialize in the design and engineering of: high stiffness, strength, and impact HIFILL® compounds; flame retardant HIFILL®FR compounds employing numerous flame retardant technologies; internally lubricated PLASLUBE ®compounds that offer improved wear resistance and lower coefficient of friction; and permanent anti-static, static dissipative, conductive and EMI shielding ELECTRAFIL® compounds. Our products can be custom formulated to meet near limitless end-use applications.

We undertake every customer interaction with an emphasis on technology and delivering high-value solutions. Our motto, “We solve problems,” underscores our commitment to listen to our customers, understand their needs and issues, and collaborate to develop innovative solutions. We enable OEM customers to design their products around functionality, not off-the-shelf materials.

Techmer ES is an approved supplier to both domestic and overseas OEMs, and we have direct access to OEM engineering organizations. We also are a well-established supplier to supply chains across multiple industries.

Take a look at each industry we serve, how our compounded solutions benefit OEMs, and the various applications in which “We solve problems.”

Learn How Techmer ES Can Create a Custom Solution for Your Industry-Specific Needs

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