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Appliances Case Study: Washing Machine Nozzle Durability

Washing machines rely on nozzles to spray detergent into the drums. However, the tank washing nozzle can wear down quickly due to hard-to-break-down powder detergents, which can be abrasive prior to dissolving. As a result, many machines require repairs ahead of the warranty timeline, creating expensive field service calls. To…

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Appliances Case Study: Pneumatic Filter Housing Leakage

A pneumatic filter gets rid of contaminants from a compressed air stream, either by using a “media” type that traps particulates while allowing air to pass to a venturi, or through a membrane that only allows air to pass. In all pneumatic tools, an air-line filter is critical to a…

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Automotive Case Study: Scroll Tip Seals’ Wear Resistance

Car parts manufacturers rely on scroll tip compressors to compress air or refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning equipment. The tip seals prevent leaks when the stationary and orbiting scrolls are mated together. But problems arise when scroll compressors leak and seal materials wear down. To solve this problem, Techmer…

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Automotive Case Study: Lyft Grows a Glowstache

As part of a corporate rebranding, ride share company Lyft was ready to give a big makeover to the iconic pink mustache adorning its car grilles. The idea was to create a smaller, sophisticated “Glowstache” that would attach to dashboards, helping identify Lyft cars in several major U.S. markets. However,…

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Automotive Case Study: Fuel Filter End Cap Strength

For car parts manufacturers, the fuel filter end cap is essential to overall fuel filter assembly. Filters are designed with a thin wall lip seal to prevent leakage. Performance criteria for filters include the following requirements: • Long-term resistance to diesel and biodiesel fuel at elevated temperatures; • Electrical conductivity…

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Consumer Electronics Case Study: Wireless Hubs’ Electromagnetic Interference

Wireless hubs are designed to transmit information quickly through 3G/4G towers, or even though Wi-Fi. But with all of this information spreading, there’s a chance for electromagnetic interference (EMI), or a disturbance in an electronic device’s operation. To achieve EMI shielding, one customer was sending the molded parts they’d manufactured…

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