Oil & Gas Case Study: Sucker Rod Wear and Tear

Artificial lift systems are part of downhole oil exploration and rely on sucker rod pumps. A sucker rod is a steel rod−typically between 25 feet and 30 feet (7 meters to 9 meters) long and threaded at both ends−that joins the surface and downhole components of a reciprocating piston pump installed in an oil well. Injection-molded guides are spaced evenly along the sucker rod to prevent rod and tubing wear. Still, corrosion can still trigger problems.

In one instance, a customer was seeing sucker rod guides wear down, caused by contact with the surrounding rod/tubing, or corrosive fluids in the ground. This resulted in reduced pump efficiency and frequent part replacement, as well as subsequent drilling down time.

To solve this problem, Techmer ES created HIFILL® PPA GF. The customer chose this glass reinforced, heat stabilized PPA due to its: thermal performance; dimensional stability; abrasion resistance; chemical resistance; and lower coefficient of friction against metal, which together increases overall pump efficiency and reduces down time.